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Products are 100% New Zealand made and manufactured with high strength steel. Permanent year-round shelter to protect your investment.

Formsteel carports are strong and durable yet sleek and uncluttered creating a modern minimal look. The Formsteel design is ideal for residential carports, covers over decks, patios, doorways, spa pool and BBQ areas, boat and campervan covers, covered yards, apartment blocks, housing complexes, and recreational cover. more...

In operation since 1972, Formsteel proves to be a long-standing and durable product adding value to many homes across New Zealand. Our carport systems are custom designed and fully engineered to withstand New Zealand weather and comply with The New Zealand Building Code.

Framing and Structure

Formsteels unique structural purlindek roofing design makes it superior due to its ability to span farther than most other carport systems, without the need for bulky beams and extra posts. Its 155mm fascia – gutter on all four sides and unique fluted support posts give our Carports a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Colour Options

The framing and posts come in either Zinc/Aluminium finish or a range of Coloursteel options to choose from to suit your existing dwellings.

The roofing sheets are available in Zinc/Aluminium or Coloursteel finish. Optional UV protectant Clear-Lite panels can be added in the roof for properties in need of extra sunlight.

Installation Details

Carports with a floor area 40square meters or less (measured at the inside of the posts) no longer require a building consent. 

However, if you do require a carport with a floor area over 40square meters we will liaise with the Council and manage the processing of the building consent for you.

The following requirements can be catered for using our custom-designed system:

  • Over height up to 4 metres

  • Over width and length (outside standard ranges)

  • Out of level or split-level sites

  • Steep pitched/Sloped structures

  • Semi enclosed or enclosed structures

If you are outside our servicing area, kitset carports can be supplied in the size of your choice at a competitive rate.

Optional side panels or trellis can be added to your carport system with up to three sides covered, without the need for a building consent, giving your investment more protection from all-weather directions.

Boat and Campervan Covers

Formsteel Boat and Campervan Covers are both strong and durable. Their unique fluted support posts are designed to encase concrete, giving them maximum strength and extra height to accommodate your oversize investments. No cross bracing is required.


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