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 Shelter Construction Experts

Servicing Auckland to North of Whangarei


Permanent shelter & protection from the harsh UV rays. Carefully crafted with a unique box section design producing a durable, stylish and lightweight product.



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Strong and durable yet sleek and uncluttered creating a modern minimal look. 100% New Zealand made and manufactured with high strength steel.


Quality Louvres for luxurious and practical year round indoor / outdoor living. PergoLAM Louvres are our premium architecturally designed, all weather roofing system.


Depending on what you are planning, we offer high-quality canopies, louvers, and carports to cater to your commercial requirements.

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Building Services

Jason is an experienced Licenced Building Practitioner. He can offer expert advice and has a creative eye for detail when it comes to vision and design to compliment and suit your unique property.


Verified testimonials


“Jason was a pleasure to deal with. He kept every appointment, promise and price ,(unusual in todays market). His workmanship and professionalism is exemplary. I'm a very satisfied customer. Goes without saying...Highly recommended!” 

robertmax1 Wed 11 Oct


About Us


Jason and Nikki Kerrisk are the proud owner-operators of JK Building Rodney Limited and have been running a successful building business since 2011.


Jason is an experienced Licenced Building Practitioner who can offer expert advice and has a creative eye for detail when it comes to vision and design to suit your unique property.

Based on the fringes of Auckland, JK Building services from Auckland to North of Whangarei and can offer kitset sales for Carport products nationwide.


Both the Alu-Lite Canopy and Streamline Carport systems provided are New Zealand made and manufactured.


Jason and Nikki are hardworking, honest and reliable and take great pride in the products and services they provide. They have had a vast number of repeat customers and a diverse range of testimonials to reflect their easy to deal with approach and exceptional workmanship.



Permanent shelter and protection for year-round indoor-outdoor living.

Alu-Lite Canopies are made and manufactured here in New Zealand from Aluminium and are carefully crafted with a unique box section design, producing a durable, stylish and lightweight product. 


Alu-Lite’s aluminium product is rust-resistant which makes it perfect for New Zealand’s conditions, especially for coastal properties. Every job is custom designed and professional advice can be offered to meet the unique requirements of your property.

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We are able to offer Alu-Lite Canopies partially or fully enclosed for protection from the wind and rain. A very practical and stylish canopy creating year-round indoor-outdoor living and adding value to your home.


The clean and simple lines give the Alu-Lite a superior and upmarket look, ideal for covers over Decks, Patios, Doorways, BBQ Areas, Carports, Apartment Blocks, Housing Complexes and Recreational Cover.


Canopies 20square meters or less do not require a building consent, however if you require a canopy over 20square metres we will liaise with Council and manage the processing of the building consent for you.

Roof Shapes

Every property is different and we have various roof shapes available to suit your needs. Alu-Lite framing options consist of either a straight, curved, cantilevered, or gable roof shape.

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Colour Options

There are multiple powder coating colours to choose from and a range of 99% UV protectant roofing finishes to suit your existing dwellings and unique property. 

With hundreds of colours available, these are some of our most popular: Click on your favourite colour to view the details.

Roofing Options

We offer multiple roofing options for our Alu-lite Canopies in a range of colours. Some of our most popular are listed below, yet we are not limited to these products alone.

1. Alsynite Laserlite

Laserlite is New Zealand’s No. 1 premium profiled polycarbonate brand, 99.9% UV protectant and suitable for installation in high and very high wind zone areas.

Laserlite is the only polycarbonate sheet product in New Zealand featuring Advanced Weatherguard™ technology, a special protective material that is warranted to:

  • Extend the life of the sheet by up to 50%

  • Maintain sheet color and clarity up to 50% longer with this choice

  • Provide 99.9% protection from UV rays up to 50% longer

  • Resist 25% larger hailstones


Laserlite 3000 is the only polycarbonate roofing product to feature Comfort Cool™ Technology, special properties in the sheet that reflect the warming effect of the sun’s rays to offer up to 50% better heat reduction than standard polycarbonate sheet and reduced glare for ultimate comfort.

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2. Alsynite Custom Glaze .600

Maximise your living space and modernise your outdoor living area with Custom Glaze, a high-quality polycarbonate roofing sheet that is engineered to withstand long term outdoor UV exposure.


Custom Glaze offers 99.9% UV protection for your outdoor living space, perfect for New Zealand’s harsh climate.

Custom Glaze provides a contemporary stylish flat roof look without the need of expensive glazing bars, making this product extremely cost-effective.

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3. Alsynite Crystallite  
The Superior Alternative to Glass

Create a contemporary look and beautiful style to your outdoor entertainment area by adding Crystalite glazing panels.

Crystalite glazing panels are an extruded acrylic sheeting (PMMA) product.


The panels are a transparent thermoplastic, being shatter resistant the product is 250 times stronger than glass and with a density of less than half that of glass. Crystalite glazing panels have good impact strength and clear panels provide up to 92% of visible light.

Colour Options
Roofin Options


Our carport products are 100% New Zealand made and manufactured with high strength steel. Permanent year-round shelter to protect your investment.

Streamline carports are strong and durable yet sleek and uncluttered creating a modern minimal look. The Formsteel design is ideal for residential carports, covers over decks, patios, doorways, spa pool and BBQ areas, boat and campervan covers, covered yards, apartment blocks, housing complexes, and recreational cover.

Developed in 1972, Streamline Carports prove to be a long-standing and durable product adding value to many homes across New Zealand. Our carport systems are custom designed and fully engineered to withstand New Zealand weather and comply with The New Zealand Building Code.

Framing and Structure

Streamline's unique structural purlindek roofing design makes it superior due to its ability to span farther than most other carport systems, without the need for bulky beams and extra posts. Its 155mm fascia – gutter on all four sides and unique fluted support posts give our Carports a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Colour Options

The framing and posts come in either Zinc/Aluminium finish or a range of Coloursteel options to choose from to suit your existing dwellings.

The roofing sheets are available in Zinc/Aluminium or Coloursteel finish. Optional UV protectant Clear-Lite panels can be added in the roof for properties in need of extra sunlight.

Installation Details

Carports with a floor area 40square meters or less (measured at the inside of the posts) no longer require a building consent. 

However, if you do require a carport with a floor area over 40square meters we will liaise with the Council and manage the processing of the building consent for you.

The following requirements can be catered for using our custom-designed system:

  • Over height up to 4 metres

  • Over width and length (outside standard ranges)

  • Out of level or split-level sites

  • Steep pitched/Sloped structures

  • Semi enclosed or enclosed structures

If you are outside our servicing area, kitset carports can be supplied in the size of your choice at a competitive rate.

Optional side panels or trellis can be added to your carport system with up to three sides covered, without the need for a building consent, giving your investment more protection from all-weather directions.

Boat and Campervan Covers

Streamline Boat and Campervan Covers are both strong and durable. Their unique fluted support posts are designed to encase concrete, giving them maximum strength and extra height to accommodate your oversize investments. No cross bracing is required.


Learn more

Framing and Structure
Colour Options Carports
Boat and Campervan Covers


Quality Louvres for luxurious and practical year-round indoor-outdoor living.

PergoLAM Louvres are our premium architecturally designed, all weather roofing system.

PergoLAM’s modern and fresh appearance brings quality and style to any outdoor living area. When louvres are fully closed the structure provides complete protection from the sunlight, wind and rain.